Trace, essential to any design or creative process, allows users to instantly draw on top of imported images, or background templates, layering comments or ideas to generate immediate, intelligent sketches that are easy to circulate. Morpholio Trace is ideal for architects, designers, photographers, artists, or members of any image driven culture. It is the unique sketch utility that allows you to easily develop ideas in layers, communicate via drawing markup, and connect fluently with your global network.

The Trace app is beautifully simple, clean and familiar in its canary yellow “trace paper” background. It begins with a single page on which to sketch and allows for a variety of underlays, including templates, photos, or any imagery pulled from the cloud. From the first line it provides effortless access to a variety of simple functions. The key function is the “New Trace Layer” button, which allows a user to take their sketch and add sheet after sheet, until the idea or sketch is built to its final stages. With each layer the user can adjust the opacity to either highlight or hide the information behind it.

In addition to using trace to build an idea, the app simplifies many other forms of feedback in the design process. The software imagines gathering information such as field conditions, construction photos, contact sheets, or sourcing imagery, and streamlining the process of editing, commenting and communicating instantly in sketches with an efficiency that words alone cannot achieve.

Trace will also be integrated with the Morpholio app which works off the portfolio model to create an interactive platform in which to present, share and critique your work. Morpholio’s groundbreaking “Eye Time” functions combine with a global community of users to provide invaluable feedback on work shared through its variably public arenas: Crit, Pinup, and Community. Trace expands upon Morpholio’s notion that feedback is the most invaluable and generative resource for designers, and further propels crucial design processes into the cloud era.